Why Us

Data is moving way too fast

By the year 2025, there will be 175 zettabytes of data accessible, which is triple what we analyze today.

How was this problem trying to get solved before?

Data teams spend a massive amount of time analyzing, translating, and evaluating data; they can’t keep up and strategize in a timely manner.

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It takes a long time to understand company and external data

Analyzing company data takes about 4-5 hours, and staying up to date with relevant trends takes about 6-7 hours. Teams does not have enough time to fully analyze both company and external data at the necessary times.

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Quality data is hard to pinpoint in external data

The difficulty in collecting high-quality data is one of the major obstacles for big data analysis. Unstructured information does not lend itself easily to being transformed into structured types and then processed further, so it takes much longer than other forms would take when processing this type or format .

Strategic plans for moving data take way too long to create

Maya’s ability to read and analyze external data is a huge advantage for the company because it allows them to access insights from both sides – workers’ perspectives as well as that of the overall business goals.

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If we continue with the current process

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Inaccurate planning

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Missed Opportunities

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Unknown Data Placement

You have to meet Maya

A market intelligence engine that combines business with external data to develop faster and more accurate decisions.

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Speak to company and external data

Skip the long analysis of your own data and just ask Maya. Integrate your tools and fire away. Get instant insight into what’s happening in your industry, company or niche with just a few clicks.

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Save time filtering and annotating external data.

Maya will give reports and summaries on the queries and file uploads: pdf, graphs, images, audio, etc.

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Actionable insights on what/ where to implement the strategies

Maya’s AI gives you insights and strategies on what should be done with the data.

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Leading To:

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Increase by 40%

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Within 30 Min

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Time To Value

Under 1 Hour

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Increase by 30%

Use Cases

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Competitive Market Analysis

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User Sentiment Analysis

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Brand Reputation Analysis

Meet Maya AI Cultural Intelligence

Policy Changes

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Price Optimization

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Market Trends

How does Maya do it?

Stay ahead of the market while it’s happening