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Why is talking to users
so important

🧾It's so much easier to build based on evidence rather than assumptions.

It’s so much easier to build based on evidence rather than assumptions. you can need to understand your users feedback. Talk to them.

💬Talking to users is one of the most important things you can do when building your business.

Talking to users is a great method to get to know them. There are other ways to understand your people, such as analyzing use statistics, but talking to your users is critical because a business frequently lacks enough quantitative data to draw meaningful conclusions. Chatting to consumers will not expand your sample size, but it will improve the clarity of your information.

With the conversations from your users, you can dive deeper into the different groups of audiences you already know, so you can better understand what customers think about your product/ services. This will give you a more personal view of things and can provide a starting point for developers that cannot be achieved with store data alone.

📊 Talking to your users brings a higher vibrancy and brand visibility every time there are engagements. Companies lose customers due to miscommunication. Put yourself in their shoes, if you had to buy your product, wouldn’t it be nice for “your team” to check up on you and the usage of the product/ service. Ahh feels great, doesn’t it? Use that same concept of what you expect from companies and give it to your customers. They will feel comfortable and more loyal to be part of your ideas and plans.

“Communication is actually so important. To be able to tell the other what’s on your mind without fighting or assuming”


🤗 It’s so easy to see how other customers are interacting with your product/service. “Okay! This is another customer!” But the customer experience doesn’t end after the product/ service is delivered.

Attracting new customers can be challenging, but focused building relationships with existing customers can pay off. Users are 27% more likely to repurchase after just one transaction and 60-70% more likely to convert when communicating with them. Ask your existing customers what they think of your services and products. You will then value customer input to improve your product/ services.

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