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What is emotional marketing and how do you need to approach it? 🤗😡😥

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Pursuade Your Customers Every Time Using Emotional Marketing 🌟

Emotional Marketing has been widely used by marketers and companies way before digital advancements have emerged. Now that the Internet has become part of our daily lives, so does Emotional Marketing. As Indeed would put it, every day, you see different types of ads from tv commercials, marketing campaigns, online ads, etc., all of which target you to feel a particular way. But then it comes to how we think this way, and why?

Emotional Marketing: What is it? 📖

Emotional Marketing feeds off people’s emotions to make them act on them. Emotions can be powerful triggers that motivate us to take specific actions towards a pre-defined goal. These goals are particular interactions with the brand, varying from engaging, booking an appointment, clicking an ad, or ultimately purchasing from them. Companies utilize this type of marketing to build deeper connections with their consumers.

Have you ever wondered why is it marketers target emotions, rather than the product itself? Simply because humans are emotional beings, we act whenever we feel sad, angry, happy, etc. And, most often than not, we work on emotions impulsively. The Tempkin Group labeled 2016 as “The Year of Emotion.” In their study correlating emotions with customer experience, they found out that loyalty is driven by emotions. Furthermore, results show that people who had positive emotional experiences are:

  • 15.1 times more likely to recommend the company
  • 8.4 times more likely to trust the company
  • 7.8 times more likely to try new products and services
  • 7.1 times more likely to purchase more from the company
  • 6.6 times more likely to forgive the company after a mistake

Relevance of Emotional Marketing Today 📅

People never run out of emotions. Every minute, every second of our lives, we feel something — meaning marketers and companies have all the time in the world to make us act on it for their benefit. It’s proved to be adequate time and time, and we’ll tell you why.

Strengthens brand recall

  • Emotions are linked to memory in a way where stronger emotions evoked in a specific situation are embedded longer onto our memories. People are more likely to remember your brand if you establish this emotional connection with them.


Drives instant reaction

  • With social media, reactions are instantaneous, especially when you figure out your audience’s sweet spot. You’ll know you did when your content is non-stop buzzing. 
  • This is so because people are also social beings; they are compelled to share something which makes them feel a certain way, hoping that others would react the same.

Creates an edge over the competition

  • Sometimes the difference between you and your competition is the race to which brand had the better (even best) connection with its customers. 
  • Beyond the usual criteria of price, quality, etc., people also consider the brand’s emotional impact on them.

Inspires people to act

  • Emotional Marketing can smoothly persuade a person to work on their emotions. Usually, the goal here is to convince customers that they need a product to feel happier or better. 
  • Aside from just purchase, emotions can also elicit other business-growth activities (leads generation, inquiries, page interactions, etc.

Influences purchasing decisions

  • Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for making us feel good. It’s able to regulate our emotional responses and pro-social behaviors. In 2010, Paul Zak, Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate Univesity in California, studied how oxytocin increases advertising’s influence
  • The study revealed that people who gave oxytocin donated 56% more financially to public service announcements. Companies are smart enough to use images of babies or puppies to elicit a positive response, thus increasing brand trust and sales.

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Do's and Don'ts of Emotional Marketing ✅❌

Do in-depth research of who your audience is

  • You can’t relate to people’s emotions unless you who what they’re currently going through, their pain, and gain points. 
  • It is better to research and develop a profile of your customers to better communicate with them and eventually connect with them genuinely.

Don't be insensitive

  • Learn how to draw the line between using emotion as a persuasion tool vs. using it to divide or make fun of other people. As much as possible, be inclusive, and always align your messaging to your brand’s core values.

To formulate a relatable story

  • Create a story that your audience would connect to on an emotional level. People are almost instantly connected to stories they can relate to or have experienced before. 
  • If it’s new information for them, then making your story inspiring, news, and emphatic will do just the trick.

Don't lose your emotional/ human side

  • You are also a human being with emotions; use that to genuinely connect and build rapport with your audience.

Do match your account to your creative design

  • Learn about the color association. Colors evoke different moods and emotions. Use appropriate colors when eliciting a particular emotion to strengthen the message you want to get across. 
  • For example, if your campaign is about grit and never giving up, red would best represent it than pink.

Measuring the Success of Emotional Marketing 🌡️

Determining the success of such campaigns can be slightly tricky since what we’re actually measuring is an emotional response — typically, it’s not estimated quantitatively rather qualitative. For this to be carried out, a feedback form or live discussions would be the best data-gathering efforts you can do. Why? 

Because it is through these methods, people are open to expressing how they felt about your campaign. And if that feeling sparked another response to interact with your brand (or not). Check out Hubspot resources to engage in another perspective of emotional marketing.

The question is... 🤔

Will you include Emotional Marketing as one of your strategies this 2022? If up to this point you still have hesitations, it’s okay. That’s normal; you’re just looking out for your business. But, as with anything else, you won’t know something that works unless you try it. 

Again, Emotional Marketing banks on people’s emotions leading them to act on them. It can potentially grow your business, increase brand loyalty, and relate to more audiences if done right.

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