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Artificial Intelligence: What, How, Why?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the business world by storm as it constantly proves it is the best thing that happened to business owners and the like. However, what exactly is it? Moreover, how can we benefit from it?

Think of AI as a simulation of how the human mind works but is controlled by computer systems and machines. It is a three-step process. The first is to feed the machine with large amounts of training data. Second, this data is analyzed to search for patterns and correlations. Once patterns are created, future predictions are made.

AI programming takes into consideration three cognitive skills:

1. Learning

AI does not stop collecting data; it goes further by setting specific rules called “algorithms,” which break down data into actionable information and create guided instructions to accomplish a specific task.

2. Reasoning

Choosing the correct algorithm is imperative in order to reach the desired outcome. It’s a matter of flow and interaction within each flow. 

3. Self-Correction

Algorithms constantly go through fine-tuning to ensure it produces the most accurate results.

Relevance of Artificial Intelligence Today

Okay, now we know what AI is and how it is processed, but why are we talking about it? Simply because it makes our lives better. If you are still not convinced, we have rounded up 5 points proving why AI is here to stay.


AI is ideal for repetitive or detail-oriented tasks; when done manually, these tasks are time-consuming and physically (sometimes mentally, too) draining.


AI can make anything better, more innovative, and more effective. Chatbots can now hold a conversation for longer, product recommendations have gotten better.


AI is great at analyzing large amounts of data in short periods. It is also great at identifying patterns.


With AI, results are accurately provided its feed with appropriate information that results in better decisions. Expect almost error-free results every time, all the time.


Businesses constantly dealing with complex data can scale, all thanks to AI. Now you can spend more time focusing on your business without worrying much about your operations.

Relevance of AI Today

With all these said and explained, here comes the question Is AI right for the business? Think of the many possibilities AI can improve business operations and processes. Imagine how much time you can save automating repetitive tasks, analyzing big data sets, and even accurately predicting future results.

This is just a reminder that emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are volatile; they can pose challenges that might catch you by surprise. To prepare for the worst, understand the possible risks of using AI for business.

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