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The importance of planning... it really is the big deal


Everyone loves to point out those viral projects and claim they were overnight success stories. Yes, that may be true when it was time to launch it.

People don’t realize the amount of planning and effort it takes to make that project look like an overnight success. Planning is significant as it directs us where to go, provides a path direction, and decreases risk danger by making predictions.

Meet Maya AI the importance of planning

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One of the most beneficial aspect of planning is in creating goals to accomplish. When you sit down and write out what you want to accomplish you will be surprised how this goal structure lends itself to creating a plan for accomplishing them. There are a couple of different strategies when working on goals.

    • By stating in advance how work is to be done, planning provides direction for action.
    • Planning guarantees that goals and aim are distinctly defined so that they
    • operate as a pattern for determining what direction should be taken.
    • Planning makes the goals and objectives clear in the minds of all individuals working in different capacities.
    • Lack of planning brings chaos and lack of coordination.


A car manufacturing company gives targets to employees who decide their direction of work.

This ultimate goal, which has been decided by planning, makes your decision-making more efficient and more ‘to the point’. This is because you know that how a decision will affect your plan in the long term and whether or not, this decision will help you in achieving your goals. Thus, because planning helps you decide short-term and long-term goals, it helps you make decisions faster.

Uncovering problems mean finding solutions and implementing fixes before they become a reality. There are few things as exciting as fixing problems before they are even found. Being able to resolve conflicts and work around issues is an invaluable business advantage. Careful planning helps uncover problems.

  • Through planning, managers compare different alternatives with their benefits and limitations.
  • Planning helps make rational decisions by choosing the best most profitable alternative which may bring lower cost, adaptable to the organization and situations.

Planning works as the foundation of organizing the activities and purposes of distinct branches, departments, and people. It assists in avoiding chaos and confusion. Since planning guarantees precision in understanding and action, work is conducted easily without delays.

Since it is the primary function of management, new approaches can take the form of actual plans. It is the most challenging project for the management as it leads all planned actions pointing to growth and of the business.


Planning keeps us and our projects on track and directs our every move. Without it, chaos will be underway. The main advantage of creating a plan is setting goals and targets. This makes it easier for us to create the necessary steps to accomplish/reach those goals/targets. It also helps us eliminate any doubts we might have and prepares us to come up with solutions to possible challenges we might face in the future.

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