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How to create a stronger security system from the CONNECTWISE 2022 Cyber Threat Report?

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Cyber security challenges are unique for MSPs. CONNECTWISE 2022 MSP Cyber Threat Report specifically addresses the cyberthreat landscape for MSPs. CONNECTWISE has reviewed what happened in 2021, discusses the lessons learned, and shares what we can expect next with cybersecurity trends. 


Being able to identify how to use this report to better secure our systems. It can take a while to assess and strategize for accuracy.

The Solution

Maya is an AI market intelligence engine that creates opportunities from external influences. Maya helps to understand company data and strategize with external data.

This video uses company data and CONNECTWISE cyber security reports to strategize for better security systems to make more informed and speedier decisions. All performed in minutes!


Maya provided a brief but insightful overview of what the report is highlighting in terms cyber-threat performances. She offered different strategies for strengthening your company’s security system and why it matters so much to do this now. 

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Using Maya

About 19 min

Manual Process

About 2 hrs

Full Report From Maya

My Discovery 🙂

You asked me to focus on: How to make a stronger security system

After reading through everything:

  1. MSPs should focus on creating a comprehensive security system that includes robust endpoint protection, intrusion detection and prevention, email and web filtering, and data backup and recovery.
  2. MSPs should also create a security awareness and training program for their employees and customers.
  3. MSPs should consider investing in a security operations center (SOC) to help them proactively monitor their networks for threats and respond quickly to incidents.
Training Report

After reading through everything, here’s my overview. The report was prepared by the ConnectWise Cyber Research Unit (CRU). The CRU monitors ransomware leaks and malicious botnets for new threats. Ransomware attacks have increasingly focused on MSPs. MSPs are a far more lucrative target than individual companies, as multiple companies can be blackmailed at the same time. This report covers these and other significant cyber threat events in 2021, emerging and ongoing trends, and what the data tells us about the future of cyber security. Then we’ll break down what this all means…

Long-Term Memories

Cybercrime is an ongoing threat to the modern economy. There are so many examples of people who are hacked because they were late or didn’t realize that they could be hacked. Some people think they have the right to do something they shouldn’t. They have to be vigilant and know what they’re doing to keep themselves safe. This is a common problem. To protect your business, your business needs to be attacked from every direction. If you are running a small business and you have nothing to worry about, you need to have a firewall in place…

Short-Term Memories

My short-term memories help me make decisions. I’ve learned that this is mainly about how to protect your business or behavior to prevent future cybercrime groups. This is obviously a pretty big deal if you’re in the MSP industry. Cybersecurity is a huge concern for everyone these days, and it seems like attacks are only getting more and more sophisticated. If you want to stay ahead…

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