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Meet Maya AI structure unstructured data

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Maya gives recommendations from external data

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Realtime Updates

Get real-time updates on things that just changed in the market.

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Create Reports

Maya will give reports and summaries on the queries and file uploads: pdf, graphs, images, audio, etc.

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Provide Insights

Using Maya’s intelligence to create insights and strategies on what to do with the data.

POV: Your job

1) Set goals and focus

Tell Maya what to focus on, that way Maya can provide...

Relevant Outputs

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2) Upload or ask Maya

Text, audio, graphs, images, pdfs, plans

Turning unstructured data into structured data

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3) Approve recommendations

Approve the strategies Maya gives. You're the boss

Use Maya strategies

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Areas of Maya's Intelligence

Meet Maya AI Trends

Trends/ Cultural Intelligence

Meet Maya AI Brand Management

Price Optimization

Meet Maya AI Customer Intelligence

Targeted Channels

Meet Maya AI Advertising Intelligence

Demand Forecasting

Meet Maya AI Competitive Intelligence

Policy + Gov. Resolution

Meet Maya AI Cultural Intelligence

Market Prediction

Maya can do much more

A market intelligence system that strategize against external influences.

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Activate Maya, and stay ahead of the market