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Creating marketing strategies from Hubspot's 2022 inbound report

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The HubSpot Blog’s 2022 Marketing Industry Trends Report is describing the trends in social/ inbound outreach. All kinds of data, plans, and marketing strategies will give marketers a head start on what to expect in the Q4 2022 and the beginning of 2023. 


Assess and figure out causes of social trends and what type of inbound techniques are needed to connect better with customers. 

The Solution

Maya is an AI market intelligence engine that creates opportunities from external influences. Maya helps to understand company data and strategize with external data.

This video uses historical company data and HubSpot’s inbound report to predict marketing strategies for social engagements to make more informed and speedier decisions. All data digestion and analysis with insight is performed in minutes!

Chart: What social media platforms are marketers leveraging (top 6)?


Maya was able to accurately forecast social strategies based on the inbounding trends report. Pinpointing what key insights I need to know about and how to use those pieces of information.

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Using Maya

About 19 min

Manual Process

About 2 hrs

Full Report From Maya

My Discovery 🙂

You asked me to focus on: Marketing strategies for social engagements

After reading through everything, should consider using short-form video content, as it is shown to be the most effective type of social media content.

Additionally, Facebook has the best ROI for social media ads in comparison to other platforms. As influencer marketing will continue to grow, marketers should invest in this type of content creation. Furthermore, to be prepared for environmental, social, economic, and political challenges, marketing teams must be flexible in their planning and execution.

Training Report

After reading through everything, here’s my overview. State of the Inbound Marketing Trends 2022: All the latest benchmarks, insights, and resources you need to build a smarter marketing strategy. TikTok influencers, Reels creators, and YouTube personalities dominate digital engagement, creating and producing consistent, high-quality content that rivals big brands. Short form video content like TikToks and Instagram Reels are the most effective type of social media content. Facebook has the best ROI for social media ads compared to other platforms. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the top 3 social media platforms marketers will use in 2022…

Long-Term Memories

My long-term memories help me set goals and responsibility’s for myself, here’s my overview. The key to innovation in any market is creating new value for your customer. The idea behind every successful product or service is to create a new experience for the customer that he or she can’t get anywhere else. In other words, creating a new experience in the market. , Well, because innovation is an excellent way to improve your business and make it more effective…

Short-Term Memories

My short-term memories help me make decisions. I’ve learned that this is mainly about It was designed. It was designed to create more innovative ones, All of the marketing efforts are very smart and effectiveNumber one, it’s about focus. In the world of online marketing, there are a million different things that you could be doing at any given time. But if you want to see real results, you need to focus on the tactics that are actually going to move the needle. The State of Inbound report can help you do just that. Number two, it’s about being data-driven. The data in this report comes from over 4,500…

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