Accelerating business growth: Maya's Beta Version

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Incorporating your idea

Turn your idea into a real business

With Maya, the entrepreneurial bot

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It's Time to make your idea into something real.

Step one: getting your idea structured.

The foundation of opportunities

Why do entrepreneurs incorporate?

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Protect Your Personal Assets

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Tax benefits

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Enhance Your Business’ Credibility

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Business security and perpetuity

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Ready for retirement

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Have Easier Access to Capital

How to Get started


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Proceed with Maya

Click Start

In your task manager, the incorporation task is added to be complete. Maya will know if you need it based on what you currently have 🙂

Tell Maya

Provide Some Info.

Maya will ask some company level questions to get everything needed to complete your incorporation.

Meet Maya AI screenshot
Meet Maya AI screenshot

Maya will do the rest

Maya begins

After submitting your information, Maya will do the rest, incorporating your idea. Maya will also tell you what you need to do next and why.


Begin your journey on the right path.