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How to market the summer lifestyle in 2022?

10 Strategies and Examples

What the heck is going on? It’s already June; sunshine, beaches, and barbecues. I love summer. But (sorry, there is continually a but), it’s by no means been the busiest season for online shopping.

Take the benefit of the recent months and maintain your clients engaged with the aid of using giving out scorching deals, participating in the neighborhood and outside events, supplying one-of-a-kind items, or selling summer-themed giveaways. Wait, there’s more; use these strategies and insights for a hot customer summer:

1. Deals and Promotions

Summer promotes warmth, staying cool, and for some, lazy days. Commodities as simple as ice cell servers will be far more applicable to someone enjoying the Summer heat, therefore probably making them check out their handbasket and complete their order. Customers are more likely to buy at certain times of the year. Summer is one of them. Run real promotions too! Marketing during the summer is mostly about the experience and looks. What a wonderful time for the promotions!

Meet Maya AI Summer Sale Example
Meet Maya AI Summer Marketing Ideas Memorial-Day

2. Make use of the colors

Introducing the wording of the seasons, especially summer, and the colors that can be associated with the ultimate thing, color. Super simple, but effective. The summer gives the certain customer a feeling that is associated with emotions and believes it or not, color. Colored visuals are proven to increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. Here are some points on what colors can do effectively:

Try these colors: 

Meet Maya AI Summer Marketing Banner
Meet Maya AI Marketing Banner

3. It's hot, have cool places- Just an idea

Here is a growth marketing tactic you can use. It may be pricy, but it will be the housing of extreme people. Check it out, imagine a hot summer day on the beach, and no A.C. Sucks right? Now, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Hut with A.C and in there is a product display? A.C brings, you sell. Hey, just an idea. 

4. Photoshoots makes up summer

You can see them everywhere in the e-commerce world. Influencers and models taking pictures/ videos of clothing and other products. 43% of consumers are more influenced to purchase by photos they see on Instagram. As mentioned in the color section, summer gives direct communication through visibility and design. Making photos, videos, and stories more preferable when it comes to product buying.

Meet Maya AI Summer Influencer Trends
Meet Maya AI

5. Phrases make culture

This is a build-on tactic, where you will introduce a summer phrase when it comes to selling your product. It gives a direct correlation between brand and product. The more effective taglines are down below. 

Real-time marketing trends analysis.

Staying ahead of the game

Marketing Maya Insights

6. Contest or social games

Who doesn’t like social games and contests. If you don’t, my humble apologies. Anyhow, if your business is large or small, getting involved in the community is always ideal. Get involved in local summer events; because half the work is done for you with original summertime events formerly in place by associations in your business’s city or megacity.

Meet Maya AI Summer Party
Meet Maya AI Summer Activities

7. Change your display design to summer themes

Still, your branding needs to reverberate with how your customers are feeling. If you’re going to get shoppers in the buying mood throughout the hottest months of the time. With that in mind, a lot of brands modernize their social platforms and crucial wharf runners to reflect the season. Use the change of seasons to give your marketing a refresh of images and design to be more emotionally relatable.

Meet Maya AI Summer Ads Example
Meet Maya AI Summer Pretty Little Things Example

8. Influencer marketing is much higher

Lifestyle brands can engage with influencers who align with their lifestyle and who already operate within the spaces they want to occupy. 

9. Leverage summer foods in your promotions

Everyday people need to eat, and summertime is proven to become a higher environment for purchasing. With that said, it’s recommended to add foods or a “cool” effect that incentives people to cool off or have something really good to eat. Imagine it’s 95°f (35°C) and you see a marketing ad with a cold and water-glistening Cool-Aid Juice. Don’t you want it even more? Ahh, study that cause and effect for a minute. 


10. Create summer packs

Summer is all about movement and fun. With that comes a lot of things. It is awesome if you had the perfect beach pack for the “perfect” beach day. Usually dealing with trips and gatherings, packs would be the best friend for your customers. 

Meet Maya AI Cooler
Meet Maya AI Beach Pack

27 summer slogans for better SEO:

The best manner to comprise summertime season marketing is to finesse the summertime season-themed. So, we did a few brainstorming, and right here are some phrases you could use for better SEO:

27 summer marketing hashtags for social media:

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