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How to market a new startup?

This is a question that people always ask. How do you market a startup? And I also get this question. So, in this article, I want to give you an overview of what you need to do. Marketing as a startup can be a difficult process, especially with limited resources and team members. I would imagine the process of rethinking and retargeting your strategies based on the “I can’t do that just yet” situations. So the question remains, how can you market your new startup? There are many things you need to consider when looking at your current development stage and the growth of your business.


What you need to think about is your messaging and the construct of delivering that message. As a startup, it will be hard to collect a list of users and leads prospect. However, you need a starting ground. A simple analogy: before building the wall, make sure you have a stable foundation to build upon. Down below are some practices/ methods of marketing as a new startup as it will save you a lot of time and development.


You need to first understand your problem (the reason for creating the startup). Then identify the user type, meaning what kind of users goes through that problem. After that, determine where your users spend most of their time, whether it’s a virtual platform or a physical place. It’s always better to focus on those highly impactful places, rather than trying to market all over the place simultaneously.

Understand your messaging

You will need to create different variations (A/B testing) of messages to be used, depending on who is talking to, their interest, environments, etc. After doing some A/B testing on the different messages, you can also take a step back from the creative side of things and do some internal assessment. Meaning, record how you would react to your own messaging, also record your user's reaction, as well as your friends and even the general public.
You need to understand you will have to change your messaging based on feedback, and impact. Have fun with your messages, try new ways of creating/ presenting your messages. People love new things; they get bored or less surprised when they see a similarity of things.

Get personalized, then scale

Covid-19 broke the way we engage with each other, Zoom and TikTok created a different virtual environment when communicating with each other. However, people missed the physical or personalize connections with each other. So what does mean? You would need to spend more quality time with your users, getting to understand their position of things and their thought process. Inevitably giving you data on what you need to change in your messaging or the product/ startup you are building. Once you get a comfortable amount of uniform information from your users, you can now determine how to scale your process to get more users onboarded while keeping the same care, or personalized approach.

Determine the type of creation

As said in the prerequisites section, you need to determine where your users live/ spend most of their time. That way you can put most of your time and efforts into getting the right users from the right place. With that being said, do some research on the place/ platform your users are living in. Determine the user behavior in that place/ platform, so you will know what kind of assets you need to create: graphics, videos, simple posting, events, one-on-one sessions, activities, email, etc. While assessing the common trends, figure how you can merge your messaging with the common trends people are engaging with already.

Determine your goals and KPI’s

Once you have understood your purpose and your target audience, determine your marketing budget as a whole and where is the best place to spend your money. As well as, create an overall goal you will like to see for each marketing effort/campaign. This will give you a projectile to works towards, it keeps you focus on the main outline while assessing the user's journey from your marketing to your startup/ product.
As a new startup, resort to paid ads last, test out your current messaging, and onboard users to get a confirmation to scale your marketing efforts. That way you are scaling the right tactics that worked before. Don’t do paid ads on untested marketing efforts, it will be a risk of spending a lot of money.

There are many Startup tactics online

The web has so many experienced marketers advising on different techniques and methods that get you, users. However, the common denominator is to understand what your trying to say, to whom you are saying it, and where. Once you get this down pact, you will be able to decide what kind of tactics and structure will work.
For example, you will come across information about emailing, blogging, website, native social media, events, setting up tools to better manage results, etc. Ask yourself, for each of those tactics do you know what you writing and how it will be told, if so; well done. If not, now you know what you need to work on first 🤗

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