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It can be hard to come up with new ideas. When staring at an empty page, it can be easy to have “writer’s block”, and your mind won’t come up with fresh ideas. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your brain could just flip a switch and go into a creative mode? Yes, it is!

Consider this. Where does any fresh idea originate? Ideas are likely to ‘pop’ into your mind apparently out of nowhere. There are undoubtedly times and settings when you have more new ideas. For me, it’s when I go jogging, but it might be when you wake up in the middle of the night, when you’re in the shower, or when you’re stopped in traffic.

🧠 Our brain is constantly being attacked by information. Our brain is constantly trying to understand and understand all of these complex stimuli. Our brain excludes vast amounts of information, leaving only “required inputs”, or at least the inputs that the brain considers relevant at that time. We can sometimes be prey to these stimuli. We tend to fall into sloppy thinking, excessive consumption, and an established worldview.

Many great techniques can be used to solve problems of getting out of the creative frame or getting back into the creative flow. This article has tons of great tips gathered from a variety of sources to help you get your creativity on track!

1. Most importantly, role-play being a kid 😊

That means you get into your consciousness when you are 5, 9, or 13 years old. I don’t mean you start with mischief and forget your responsibilities. I highly recommend it :). The goal here is to use your original self and identify tendencies, beliefs, and objects that are naturally drawn to you. Understanding these trends will help you find a creative solution that suits you. As a kid, we play fictional games, ask strange questions, draw water droplets, and call them dinosaurs. Take time and become a kid, but you need to realize the creativity of a kid. A kid’s imagination is predicated around guidelines or a set method, as you can see or if you are thinking about it right now, you used things around and used it until it fits or you don’t need it.

Now, let’s put that into context, you are waiting for your parents to stop talking to the other adults and want to go home. As you wait the kid can wine about it (in adult context; check social media) or the kid can imagine a whale passing through them and pooping on their head. Now in your opinion, which one would you rather do (look at the emotion)? Why? What caused that? Think like a kid 🙂

2. Don't think just watch 👀

Sometimes being creative leads to watching what’s happening. Effective creativity usually begins with observing the current situation and analyzing how problems and challenges are resolved. As a human, we all jump to a conclusion without thinking it through. Did you fully analyze the situation, emotions, causes, influences?

3. Go within nature 🍃

One of the best ways to stay away from people and focus on improving your creativity is to spend time in nature. Nature offers a vast area that is not normally available when surrounded by buildings. This vastness gives your mind space for breathing and relaxation, as well as clarity and openness (which can be difficult to find when you are in a busy city).

4. Do something completely different 🗽

One thing about creativity, it needs to be fresh, new whatever you would like to call it. Do something that is brand new and interactive with it to test how “creative” you are. In the human mind, if we are presented in front of things that are considered “alienated” or new, there is a sense of more awareness and observation to see how we can coordinate certain things based on what we know/ experience.

5. Sometimes you may need a break ⏳

Taking a break has also shown to be beneficial in reviving my imagination. This indicates you shouldn’t be concerned about getting things done or feeling as if things aren’t going your way. You may take care of your general health and open up your mind by giving yourself a rest. This will allow you to solve more difficulties and gain a fresh perspective on what’s going on around you.

6. Daydream for a bit 💭

Focused fantasies should first investigate and investigate the topic or problem you want to solve. We need an information base that the subconscious can rely on. Next, you need to understand how to “switch off” and wander your mind. Write down the thoughts you have.

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