Accelerating business growth: Maya's Beta Version

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Make faster marketing decisions with Maya

Go from digital zero to marketing hero with an AI that loves your business

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Save time on assessing your analytics,



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Relevant strategies based on goals/ KPIs



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Implementing those strategies



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Maya's Intelligence

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Hear From the Pros

Fellow Maya users have something to tell you

Meet Maya AI
Milly Johns
Marketing Director at MagicClick

“The possibilities of the platform is inspiring; automating almost all my work. I am impressed. Can’t wait for the evolution of Maya.”

Meet Maya AI
Kelly Johnson
Business Analyst at AllNaatural

“Maya is so awesome, I was able to plan 3 weeks and had more space for other opportunities.”

Meet Maya AI
Bred Millson
Marketing Analyst at FashionHut

“I am glad to have so many options, it saves me time on thinking lol. Maya has always been there either teaching, doing, and alerting me. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

Maya is connected to strategic partners that renders real-time data point. Maya then takes it and begin thinking/ correlating.

Google will give a generic or best-performing page for the answer. Maya thinks on a series of algorithms that renders a relevant and accurate answer to your goals.

No, Maya will be attentive to when you say “Hey, Maya” or a personalized command you will set

No, Maya is there to help augment some of their work. Saving time by assessing and focusing more on strategies and future plans.

Make Better Marketing Decisions With Maya

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