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At Maya AI, we are a group of serial entrepreneurs with a passion to accelerate the entrepreneurial journey by manifesting more time for businesses.

Maya is an AI engine that influences marketing decisions. Maya was created to help businesses understand their current marketing progress and compares it to their marketing goals. Maya will then provide strategies and insights on how to hit your goals/ KPIs. To essentially target, keep, and acquire customers.

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How does Maya do it?

Stay ahead of the market while it’s happening


Company Bio

XiByte is now Maya Ai, which is founded in 2018 in Tampa, Florida by the three Ramphal brothers.

We are on a mission to reduce the failure rate of businesses in the U.S by 3%, by accelerating the entrepreneurial journey using Voice and Ai.

Maya was deployed in Nov. 2019, with a vision of being a real-time mentor for founders. We quickly pivoted mid-covid to what Maya is today, a productivity assistant for founders, giving them the power of time.

We are proudly being used across the United States in different entrepreneurship hubs like accelerators, universities, and ESO’s.

Maya the productivity assistant

Problem: Founders are the busiest people on the planet, spending up to 70% of their day drowned in admin work.

Maya is a voice-based app that helps founders facilitate up to 50% of their work by communicating tasks to vendor integrations using intelligence.
She does this by predicting what you should do next to grow, educates you on why it needs to be done, then communicating the work with the right partner.

With over 120 partners integrated into Maya, Founders can effectively deploy work through an Ai with trust from credible partners using the power of voice. Our partners range from finance, legal, marketing, HR, sales, utilities, and communications.

Maya safely learns about founders through an algorithm to makes predictions accurate towards their growth.

Company Story

The three Ramphal brothers have been building startups for 10+ years together with over 35 years of combined experience. After failing successfully in our last startups, the problem was clear as day that the use of our time was the biggest issue.

After the failure of our last startup, we sat on St. Pete beach wondering where to navigate our lives next. We then realized we wanted to build a solution so that every entrepreneur can become more efficient in running a business with their time.
That is when Maya was born.

Maya's Co-Founders

Sat, Co-Creator of Maya

Satyam (Sat) Ramphal - Co-founder

Sat is a 4X founder, and a Tampa, FL native. He dropped into life at 19 when he went into entrepreneurship and never looked back. 10 years later he holds a passion to help every entrepreneur become successful by becoming efficient.

He enjoys mentoring, and having brainstorm sessions with other founders trying to break into this lifestyle.

Quote: “procrastination is the death of progress”
At Maya Ai we are serial entrepreneurs that have become startup enthusiasts with a passion to help reduce the failure rate of founders.

Shivanand (Sean) Ramphal - Co-founder

Sean, Co-Creator of Maya

Co-Founder of Maya Ai. 15 year technologies entrepreneur, visionary leading in Maya’s Robotics and Artificial intelligence core abilities. “My goal is to produce an Ai Brain for Maya that she’ll use to help entrepreneurs build stronger, more innovative companies for our planet. We have great minds all over the globe eager to bring thier idea’s to life, and Maya’s here to help”

Shivam, Co-Creator of Maya

Shivam Ramphal - Co-founder

Co-founder of Maya Ai. Engaging in the world’s endless possibilities through creations and technology. Seeking to pursue creativity designed to transform the potential of everyone’s ideas and goals.

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