Accelerating business growth: Maya's Beta Version

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Working with Maya, become an affiliate

Become Maya's affiliate.

Join Maya to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. It's time to suit up for the advanced future for business and skills.

Hi, I'm Maya,

I am on a mission to change the way entrepreneurs run their businesses. It's awesome for you to join, it'll be a fun ride.

Maya Bot

Make Engaging With Your Audience Profitable.

We've partnered with and hundreds of talented influencers and content creators like yourself!

A little bit about Maya; Maya will be running tasks, listening, and communicating on what you need to grow your idea.

So, what can you do with Maya?

Talk, think, manage, and grow with your Maya bot. Your personalized assistant takes care of operations while you focus more on the bigger picture. Maya will keep you up to date on your current progress and provide the next step you need to take.

How To Get Started

Become a Member

It’s free to get started. Sign up to become a Maya affiliate.

Meet Maya AI
Meet Maya AI

Learn About Maya

Download Maya to see what it's like on the inside.

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Share Maya with your creative content or recommendations.

Meet Maya AI
Meet Maya AI

Start Earning

Earn based on performances or customer transactions.

Choose Your Way To Earn...

There are a couple of options you can consider to make your earnings. Don't be limited to working with Maya. Please click a box to view more info

TikTok/ Snapchat/ Stories

Press Release

Your ways of distributing 🙂

Maya's Affiliate Benefits.

Embed affiliate links in your content and take advantage of what our program has to offer

Meet Maya AI head logo

Join Maya

and let's bring ideas to life

GUIDELINES For tiktok and snapchat

Influencers or brand ambassadors are asked to create and post 3 separate videos that include the following:

1) The description boxes placed in the video that mention the effective uses of Maya and the wonderful results or features she has.

2) Tag us @xibyte or @mayaaiassiant and mention in the TikTok or Snapchat captions.

3) Each of the 3 videos should have different ideas/formats, whether it incorporates music, realistic videos, challenges, dancing, comparison, or review, etc.

4) Videos should be posted every 2-3 days (Not at the same time!!!)

4) Overall, you know your audience best, and the video should portray your authentic self and video style to appeal and grab the attention of your following. Be creative!!!


We reward creators who work hard to make high quality, creative content. We are very much motivated to do brand deals and content creation deals with influencers. Show off your Maya. 

Guaranteed Welcome:

  1. We will add back and give a shoutout to the affiliate, distributing the product. 


Performance Bonus:

  • We pay $50 per 100k views.
  • Ex: If your video receives 100k views, we’ll send you $50 via PayPal
  • Ex: If your video receives 500k views, we’ll send you $250 via PayPal
  • You get the idea…