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Problem: Founders are the busiest people on the planet, spending up to 70% of their day drowned in admin work.

Maya is a voice-based app that helps founders facilitate up to 50% of their work by communicating tasks to vendor integrations using intelligence.
She does this by predicting what you should do next to grow, educates you on why it needs to be done, then communicating the work with the right partner.

With over 120 partners integrated into Maya, Founders can effectively deploy work through an Ai with trust from credible partners using the power of voice. Our partners range from finance, legal, marketing, HR, sales, utilities, and communications.

Maya safely learns about founders through an algorithm to makes predictions accurate towards their growth.

The three Ramphal brothers have been building startups for 10+ years together with over 35 years of combined experience. After failing successfully in our last startups, the problem was clear as day that the use of our time was the biggest issue.

After the failure of our last startup, we sat on St. Pete beach wondering where to navigate our lives next. We then realized we wanted to build a solution so that every entrepreneur can become more efficient in running a business with their time.
That is when Maya was born.

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Maya AI

At Maya AI, we are a group of serial entrepreneurs with a passion to accelerate the entrepreneurial journey by manifesting more time for businesses.

Maya is an AI market intelligence engine that creates opportunities from external influences. Maya helps to understand company data and strategize with external data.