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At Maya AI, we are passionate to accelerate the analysis and data journey by finding answers within data faster, better, and more accurately.

Maya AI is an AI data robot, that analyzes data, extracts insights, and improves the decision-making process. It is used in multiple industries such as retail, finance, healthcare, pharmacy, technology, and other areas to help make more informed decisions by uncovering valuable insights from their data.

The three Ramphal brothers have been building startups for 10+ years together with over 35 years of combined experience. After failing successfully in our last startups, we realized that the biggest issue was how to use our time more efficiently so as not to be held back by it anymore!

We started our business with an idea so naively simple, it was hard to believe anyone would really need this. But then we saw the way brands and businesses were spending hours every day trying to figure out how to understand the external world. It’s something we all struggle with…

That’s when Maya AI was born.

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