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Meet Maya, an AI data robot that helps to find answers within data faster, better, and more accurately.

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Modern Data Warehouses

Stay Ahead of the market while it's happening

Data is too big of an issue to deal with. There are so many variables and it changes every day; making planning and strategizing almost impossible to do in a timely manner. 


Speak To Your Data, Faster

Skip the long analysis of your own data and just ask Maya. Integrate your tools and fire away. Get instant insight into what’s happening in your industry, company, or niche with just a few steps.

"Hey Maya, how many sales did I make today"

"Maya, for inventory #19, how much should it be priced in London"


Find value from external data

Maya will give reports and summaries on the queries and file uploads: pdf, graphs, images, audio, etc.

"Hey Maya, find what kind of content will better attract homeowners"

"Maya, can you give me a summary of this report and how is valuable to me"

"Maya, compare these 2 reports and tell me the amount of money being saved"


Insights + Strategies

Maya’s AI gives you insights and strategies on what should be done with the data.

Maya Responding:

"In London, the cost of living is high and taxes on inventory can make it difficult to keep up with. How about we decrease prices by 10%?"

"May I suggest changing your content style to more B-Roll videos? The content velocity report states videos are more likely to gain traction."

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Meet Maya AI Data access
Leading To:
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Increase by 40%

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Within 30 Min

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Time To Value

Under 1 Hour

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Increase by 30%

Areas of Maya's Output

Meet Maya AI Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Market Analysis

You need to look at your competitors and see how they are affecting the market.

Meet Maya AI Customer Intelligence

User Sentiment Analysis

Understanding what customers are thinking, feeling, and how they are reacting to the company’s products and services.

Meet Maya AI Brand Management

Brand Reputation Analysis

Analyze how your company is being rated through, social media, publications, reviews, etc.

Meet Maya AI Cultural Intelligence

Policy Changes

Find out how policy changes could impact your business and what you need to do to prepare.

Meet Maya AI Trends

Market Trends

Understand what trends could affect your business and how you can use them.

Meet Maya AI Advertising Intelligence

Price Optimization

Analyze how customers will respond to different prices for your products/ services through various elements.

Blogs + Articles

How does Maya do it?

Stay ahead of the market while it’s happening