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7 Ways to stabilize your team

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Employees sometimes disagree. Conflicts are inevitable in any workplace, whether it is a misunderstanding about who did what, a disagreement, or a tangled relationship. Teamwork seems to make dreams come true, but it is not accessible if colleagues are constantly rowing. In these high-voltage situations, the workplace can quickly become a nightmare. Conflict is a natural part of human population interaction. Expect it, understand it, and know what to do. Learning how to manage conflicts in the workplace that can help build a team with unwavering concentration and emotional resilience. 

Stabilize with common practices

1. Set expectations

Managing expectations is one of the most important things a team can do to promote better communication regarding what they expect from others and what others expect. If employees do not understand what an organization, manager, or teammate expects, it can lead to confusion and conflict. Everything needed should be clearly defined and expressed. Knowing what to do can help employees feel more comfortable and reduce the tension that causes conflict.

2. Individual meetings

Start with an informal one-on-one discussion with each team member involved in the conflict. At these meetings, avoid; guesswork and allow people to open up in their time. Guarantee employees that the conversation is confidential. Ask each party the same question to be fair. Cater for those individuals who are both extravert and introverts, as people tend to bottle up their feelings. Having someone to help release those emotions makes it a healthy environment for the employer to know what is going on.

3. Draw/ Write It Down

Sometimes team members argue because they cannot see the thought process. Let us dive into that; we cannot see each other thoughts’ creative origins. Otherwise, we would sue the universe for security, lol. So if we cannot see each other’s viewpoints, how can we understand them? Draw it out, and point out how that came about. Drawing it out will show evidence and correlation from a physical view. Numbers do not lie. 

4. Team activities (non-business oriented)

Sometimes focusing on business all the time can be daunting and tiresome. Mix up the team meeting with different interactions such as competitions, sports, cards, book club, picnics, brainstorming sessions on other problems. All in all, change it up. The reason is to create a bond between team members where one’s weakness can cover by another’s strength. The only way to determine that is to see the team in action.

5. Understand/ Listen.

One thing that stirs up a work environment is the appreciation team members get. When the team listens during the negotiation process, there is an opportunity to share concerns about the conflict. It is easier to understand the conflict when the team members explain their true feelings or experience. Also, this displays an act of care and respect that is an influential aspect of growth.

6. Vote

Let us consider diplomacy (not political, do not worry) to identify a standard solution that works for each party. Each member on the team has their preferences and opinions on things they want. How do they know what they want entirely? Take a vote.

7. Remembrance of our goals/ future

The primary goal/mission that has to be acknowledged consistently (not annoying, please) is why each team member is there. If someone does not respect or honor the primary goal/ mission, that could (could) be a reason for the imbalance in the workforce.

As Indeed correlates; conflict resolution in the workplace can become a reality. Keep that in mind, be quick to deal with issues when they arise, and create a work environment that supports all teammates!

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