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7 Powerful Results from using PR

Putting up a business is in itself a high mountain to cross over. Before you reach the top, it’s essential to equip yourself with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to ensure a good, and hopefully, a successful run. Once you reach the peak, first off, kudos to you, a new challenge comes your way; it entails building on the momentum of growth. Among the many factors, you need to give importance to as you grow your reputation or your ability to present yourself to the public in a certain way.

Adobe’s Future of Marketing Research reveals how UK consumers tie trust to their purchasing behavior. When they trust a brand,

  • 71% make more purchases
  • 61% recommend it to others
  • 41% subscribe to loyalty programs
  • 40% sharing positive feedback through online channels

Before we, or any businesses for that matter, can build trust with our audience, we first need to learn and understand how we’re going to get them to trust us. And, here’s where Public Relations (PR) comes in.

What is PR?

Public Relations (PR) is a strategic communications process that companies of all sizes use to connect, engage, and build relationships with their audience. PR is responsible for shaping the company’s image to project a particular perception, one that is positive, to the public. When we say project a specific image, we mean showcasing the company’s best aspects.


PR is all about reputation building, making it more crucial for companies to have it as part of their marketing strategy. Why? Let me borrow Netwon’s third law: “For every action; there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Whatever we do, especially now that everything is digital, can be positively or negatively accepted? We can’t please everybody, can we?


And that’s normal simply because we’re all humans. Business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and marketers they’re humans, too—human beings who make mistakes. There will be instances where our businesses will be challenged, forcing us to step up to the situation which can either make or break us. And, in those moments, there’s always this possibility of generating a negative image. Rising above it is possible, but it takes years to recuperate from it — actually, it depends on the gravity of the situation.


Having said all these, PR now becomes a vital tool in ensuring a positive company/brand image that resonates with its audience and building a relationship off of it. PR helps in building your company’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Meet Maya AI benefits of using PR

7 Benefits of PR

Now that we understand the definition of PR and, more importantly, its importance, we need to determine further what makes it so powerful that every business gets to be twice as better with PR.

1. Announces your existence

Whether online or on-grounds, visibility is vital to stay on top of a highly competitive industry. PR exposes you to the world, letting the public know your brand exists. This exposure helps connect you with future customers, even leads. Business, in general, is a highly volatile market where there’s a constant need to sustain your stakeholders’ interest and, eventually, their trust and loyalty to your business.

2. Positions your brand/company as thought leaders

Following the first point, once your business gains visibility, PR lets you highlight what your company does best and why people should put their trust in you. Remember that people trust brands they resonate with and understand; when you position your brand/company as thought leaders, people perceive you as experts in the industry you’re in. And, since you know what you’re talking about, it makes it easier for people to put their trust in you, strengthening your credibility.

3. Builds long-term relationships

Initially, marketing functioned as a one-way street where communication is linear — brands feeding the public information about their products or services. PR is a great way to break this monotony as it offers solutions to let people directly interact with your brand and vice versa. One of the critical findings of Sprout Social’s #BrandsGetReal reveals that customers who feel more connected to brands reinforce loyalty and revenue. 

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4. Generates quality business leads

Aside from acquiring customers, PR is also an effective way to attract quality business leads. It’s not enough to attract just any customers who won’t be there for you in the long run. The best thing to do is look for quality business leads that you can eventually turn into loyal followers; with PR, it’s possible.

5. Attracts potential investors

Funding is essential to running a business. Raising funds yourself is doable but time-consuming. Investors bridges this gap by creating an opportunity for companies to get financing to fuel their operations without compromising their timelines. Seeking investors can be more accessible when you run a PR campaign. An effective PR campaign builds on your credibility by putting your brand in front of potential investors. Usually, PR markets you in spaces where investors and media outlets are present.

6. Manages crises in the making

Businesses are built for a reason, and almost always, that reason involves providing solutions to people’s problems. That is why customer service is vital in maintaining a positive relationship with your customers. Unfortunately, there are days when we commit mistakes, causing dissatisfaction among our customers. Before you know it, a negative review was posted online, spreading like wildfire, tainting your company’s reputation. Having a proven PR agency allows you to take control of the situation, address the issue elegantly, and rebuild your image.

7. Strengthens your SEO

Search Engine Optimization widens your online reach and makes you more available to people most interested in your business. Consistently running PR campaigns drive traffic to your website and online channels. The more you rank up in search engine rankings, the more people learn about your business.

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