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A virtual business bot, for entrepreneurs.

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How Will mAYA HELP?

Maya will be listening to your goals and ideas, run administrative tasks, and
providing insights on what's needed to grow your idea.


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What will you and Maya do?

She's a startupmentor for entrepreneurs, guiding them on how to build their business.

Maya's outlines what you should be working on, when to do it, and why, based on your company goals.

She monitors and reports on your company's health with suggested resolutions.

She'll help you setup and configure your tech systems, or even launch a marketing campaign with you.

She's a business robot with a heart. She looks out for your health and wellness too. That's what best friends do, look out for each other.

Her Ai Brain produces strategies for more effective advertising, so you can actually be seen by real people. She also tracks your competition, so you stay ahead.

Coming Soon

Advanced prediction learning.
Maya's currently being taught how to predict your success rate and tell you how to improve upon them.

Coming Soon

Speak to Maya.
Her ears are getting an upgrade. Use your Android or Apple to ask Maya questions, have her respond, and connect her to your other smart devices.

Take it from well-known celebritites

Charlie Sheen

"Hey guys check out XiByte, They're a tech company using Artificial Intelligence to help startups and companies become operational and carry out tasks more efficiently."

The Real Peter Griffin

"She is the best bot in the world. I can't believe she is real. You need to have her in your life, not Meg."




Maya's impact on entrepreneurs

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Maya Ai - The virtual assistant for entrepreneurs and startups | Product Hunt

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