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A virtual assistant for entrepreneurs and startups 🙂

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How Will mAYA HELP?

Maya will be listening to your goals and ideas, run administrative tasks, and
providing insights on what to do next and why.




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Your Journey With Maya


Maya will learn about you

Maya will learn about your goals and ideas, personalizing what you have so far, and what is needed to grow your idea.


Here comes the prediction

After Maya learns about your ideas, she will then outline potential workflows and tasks to develop your business.


Approve the task/ on-demand deployment

Maya will provide specific tasks that need to be completed. You can accept, deny, or choose on your own. You're the boss 🙂


Pass the work off to the
partner networks

Maya will facilitate your work to the appropriate partner to get the task done.


Get the results, Maya will make a new suggestion

When the task is complete, Maya will bring back the results to make the appropriate suggestion on what to do next and why.

Coming Soon

Health and Wellness

She looks out for your health and wellness too. Taking care of entrepreneurial time and productivity.

Coming Soon

Speak to Maya.

You will soon be able to talk to Maya, with your mouth rather than typing and clicking buttons.

Take it from well-known CELEBRITIES

Charlie Sheen

"Hey guys check out XiByte, They're a tech company using Artificial Intelligence to help startups and companies become operational and carry out tasks more efficiently."

The Real Peter Griffin

"She is the best bot in the world. I can't believe she is real. You need to have her in your life, not Meg."

"The proof is in the pudding"

Maya's impact on entrepreneurs

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